About BOAP

Hello there.


We’re Emma and Merin (a.k.a. birds of a pleather).

Two simple girls who bond over their shared passion for fashion and style. Mainly this involves trying to look as good as possible on no sleep, no time and very little money. We’ve heard that accepting limitations can be liberating… so we’re choosing to embrace that. birds of a pleather is just that: a place where we can indulge our love of style while still holding down the fort with paying jobs. We had a fab time working together at DC’s Worn Magazine, and we like bringing our own slightly quirky and more than a little type-A imprint to birds.

We can be hired out (usually with money, but coffee and alcohol may do the trick) for all things style-related. From closet clean outs to emergency styling (funeral, anyone?), we’ve got your back. Email us at birdsofapleather@gmail.com for rates. Or just to say hi.

a little more about us:

*Things we like: thrift stores, unique finds, projects, things that take us out of our comfort zone, caffeine, cool textures, quality fabrics, almost anything truly vintage, Pat (our hairstylist), cool people who take risks, the occasional trash magazines, West Virginia, Joan Collins.

*Things we don’t like: street style bloggers, articles where people have to make ‘hard decisions’ about shopping on a budget of $500 a month, bad tailoring, slimy synthetic fabrics, jeggings, unlined white pants, Sketchers Shape-ups.

*Things we’re undecided on: the Kardashians.


3 responses to “About BOAP”

  1. Elizabeth says :

    What about the holidays! The holiday season is fast approaching, along with all of the parties, parties, parties! Can you guys point out some good (budget friendly) places or sales in DC to find awesome festive attire with an edge? I need dresses, shoes, and clutches, and I can’t afford the average G-town hotspots!

    • birdsofapleather says :

      Elizabeth… BRILLIANT! We’re on it and will be sharing places starting next week. And we feel you: Georgetown is probably great if you have lots of money, its just that we don’t:-)

  2. Mimsy says :

    Dear BOAP,

    I need help–is color blocking still in? Or at least the idea of it, even if we don’t say that anymore? I want to wear a pale yellow shirt, black skirt and tights, and pink shoes (and other similarly blocked ensembles)…can I do that?

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