Market Research: where there’s smoke…

One of the things that really great businesses do a lot of is market research. You know, identifying who their customer is and what that customer wants/likes/needs. There are a handful of people and brands who famously brag about not doing market research. Don’t listen to them – they are silly and potentially foolish (albeit really lucky). You need to do market research.

In the vein of classic market research, check out this brief Vanity Profile that Living Social commissioned as part of the market research they do for all of their cities. While fabulous in its brief underlying smirk about DC, it’s useful.

I say where “where there is smoke…” because it generally leads to the fire that we all guessed was there. In this case, it is the duality between the District ranking first in beautiful women (yay!) and fourth in the category of dressing badly (boo!). Now, if you have lived in DC for more than a moment, you know this to be true. So designers, stylists, bloggers, style entrepreneurs out there: we need you.

And don’t get discouraged. If they did this five years ago, DC would have surely ranked first for dressing badly. Behold… Progress!


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