24 Hours Later: Elizabeth Fassbender of So Much to Smile About and CapFABB

(Last week we brought together 9 panelists who are catalysts for a bigger and better DC fashion community (read more about The Future of DC Fashion panel). We’ve asked our panelists to give us their post-panel thoughts on where the industry is going and what we can do to help grow it.)

Liz Fassbender is the owner and editor of the fashion and lifestyle blog, So Much to Smile About, and the co-founder of CapFABB (Capital Area Fashion & Beauty Bloggers), a network for DC area fashion and beauty bloggers that now has over 250 members and counting.

Participating in this discussion with panelists from such different backgrounds really gave me a new appreciation of the state of the fashion industry in DC. It was fascinating to hear about the different challenges and opportunities that exist for local designers, boutique owners, and others involved in fashion, along with initiatives like the Fashion Incubator.

As a blogger, I see an incredible amount of enthusiasm that continues to grow for the DC fashion community, and I would encourage others involved in the industry to take advantage of that enthusiasm. Whether you reach out to bloggers to feature a designer, host an event at your boutique, review a product or just generally get the word out about something, there are countless individuals who would love the opportunity to support DC fashion. Obviously, there is a lot more that is needed to advance the industry, but blogs can increase the conversation and raise awareness and support for important causes. There are so many hard-working people willing to make things happen here, I feel certain if we continue these kinds of discussions and utilize the resources we have the fashion community in DC can grow even stronger!”


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