From Bum to Done: Six Steps to Presentable

When I was a little girl, I was fascinated by my Southern step-grandmother’s beauty routine. Before she left the house to do anything, she spent at least an hour doing her hair, ‘putting on her face’ (which involved and still involves six to eight coats of mascara) and deliberating over the perfect clean and laundered outfit. This worked for her because she had an hour to spend doing this every day.

Sadly, that is not my personal reality nor, I presume, that of most of my peers. She was a stay at-home wife with no children. Granted, she had two homes, two dogs and my grandfather to look after (and he was a handful, trust me), but really… our lives have just about nothing in common.

As a consultant/blogger/stylist/devoted board and committee member/stress addict, I do most of my work from home. Which I do in various states of partial dress that typically involve really old leggings (with holes), inconsistent showering habits, un-brushed hair (do I get points for brushed teeth?) and – let’s be honest here – probably some sort of food stain on my shirt. There, I said it. That’s my glamorous state of being. Ask the LSH, he’ll verify this for you.

I also try to fit everything I possibly can into each minute, which means I’m constantly giving myself two seconds to prepare for client meetings and offsite events/tasks.

Sometimes, more than I care to admit, I don’t really have time to actually change out of my ‘work clothes’ (read sloth clothes). So I use them as the base of an outfit. That means I put on real people clothes over them. I know, I’m actually admitting to this. BUT… here are my secret steps to getting out the door in five fast minutes.

me, 10 am (leggings + food stains)

  1. Belted dress. Here, my go to H&M trench dress, but you can make a wrap-dress work, too. Anything with a defined waist and, preferably, shiny belt will do just fine. See how I just put it over my leggings and shirt? Yes, I am that lazy, and yes, you can make that work.
  2. Patterned shoes. If you have read this blog for a year you know how much I love my giraffe print flats. Think camouflage and distraction.
  3. Bracelets. Jewelry makes you look more finished, whether you are bathed or not.
  4. Hair cream. I was not hair savvy until Em and Pat (our shared hairstylist) brought me up to speed. With my not-curly, not-straight hair, a little texturizing cream makes it look intentional rather than un-brushed.
  5. Perfume. Lots.
  6. Lip liner. I know, right? You never saw that one coming. But it goes a long way to make you look put together and not overly made-up (in 15 seconds). I line and then shade the whole lip. A man wearing heavy make-up at Sephora taught me that years ago and, wherever he is: I couldn’t do it without you girl.

me, 10:06 am (career woman, ready to conquer the world)


One response to “From Bum to Done: Six Steps to Presentable”

  1. Carlyn says :

    I realized I missed you when I was silently reading this post but hearing your pattern of speech.

    “Lip liner. I know, right? You never saw that one coming…”

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