How to Steal a Celebrity’s Style Identity in 10 Steps

It’s easy to fantasize about stealing a celebrity’s dress for your own – but there are two typical problems: a. you’re not rich, and b. stealing someone’s style directly makes you a copier. And you’re better than that. Be inspired by someone’s style and make it your own. This is what I’m doing with Daphne Guinness, and here is how I did it:

1. Perform an in-depth Internet image stalk. Do not stress about any particulars at this point, you are simply collecting data.

2. Separate your images into clusters. Hair, outerwear, evening wear, day wear, shoes, etc.

3. Study. Do some critical thinking.

4. Examine each category, break it down into basic parts – the basics of each outfit or hairstyle. Ask questions and take notes: Is this attainable (price, differing body shapes, hair types, etc.)? What aspect is appealing to me? What colors am I seeing repeated? What clothing shapes (i.e. loose fitting, high-wasted, a-line). What patterns are being used (i.e. the Missoni zig zag)?

5. Forget the person.

6. Walk away from your notes. Return 24-48 hours later.

7. Begin your plan. What elements of this person’s style would you like to adapt?

8. Come up with 5-10 dream pieces and a plan for your hair. Consider: which pieces can you pull from your closet that meet criteria? Which items would you add?

9. Consider stores and brands that would potentially have your dream items. Or think about how you can make them yourself.

10. Shop / create.

When in doubt, ask. That’s what we’re here for.



P.S. Grace Jones and Iman, I love you.


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3 responses to “How to Steal a Celebrity’s Style Identity in 10 Steps”

  1. chameleonic says :

    hahaha, love the write up!

  2. Fashion says :

    Thankyou for such informative post, hope we will get more from you. Regards. 🙂

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