Challenge: grow up. Answer: transformation.

Early 20′s: in-between time. You don’t know what you’re doing with your life: should I go back to school? what is up with my career? and what does “commitment” actually mean, anyway?

Late 20′s: in-between time, but in a way better way. Once you hit your late 20′s, decisions are made, self is better understood, la la la. However, late 20′s presents a new question, “What does my adult life look like?”

Challenge: grow up.

Answer: transformation. And we’re not talking about your burning desire to start purchasing items from Anne Taylor Loft (we know you!), we’re talking about your entire style, your swagger (even though we’re over that word), we’re talking about Change. In a big way.

This month we’ll be exploring what transformation means, what it looks like and how we’re going to avoid (okay, minimize) Big Change panic attacks.

Stay tuned for our first transformation post tomorrow, in the meantime, catch up on Advanced Style.

(thank you to Alexander McQueen for the beautiful dress in the pic!)



One response to “Challenge: grow up. Answer: transformation.”

  1. Nicole says :

    Who’s the best person to read the post on how to cope with life change panic attacks? Me!

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