I’ll Only be Shopping at Value Village October ’11 – April ‘12

I have decided two things for fall and winter fashion:

  • I’m going to be Daphne Guinness
  • I’m only going to shop at Value Village (warehouse-sized Goodwill) October 2011 – April 2012

…presenting a few challenges. Two of my greatest concerns: I need to establish a pre-October 1 wardrobe with enough foundation pieces that I will be able to live only on Dynasty-style sequin tops from Value Village for 7 months, and, also, Daphne Guinness is wildly wealthy, I am not.

Daphne has a very limited palette – black, white and metallics. She also dons feathers and fur, and her clothing is typically cut into geometric, futuristic-patterns. I’ve been studying her closely – how can I create a look that is inspired by Daphne while spending very, very little cash?

I’ve begun my project by shopping at my two favorite ultra-cheap stores for the basics – Forever 21 and Gabriel Brothers (only in WV, MD and KY). I’ve purchased in black and white: 2 pair jeans, 1 pair slacks, 1 oversized sweater, 1 faux-leather mini-skirt, 1 faux-leather jacket, 1 fluffy white jacket, 2 long sleeve black shirts, 2 white tank tops, 3 pair boots (all under $15). This concludes my foundation wardrobe shopping, and so the experiment begins.

I’m also seriously considering purchasing a Bedazzler. More soon. Wish me luck!


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