Everything is Shiny and New or We’re All Growns Up Now

We are officially one year old today, and we’re pretty sure in blog years that means 30 years old. At least for our blog, it’s not like we’re not bringing you some mommy blog hoo-haa. But we are redefining ourselves, and we’re uber excited to share our new plans with you.

First of all, we’re going to revolutionize fashion, obviously. Because that’s what we do, in the blink of an eye. For real: we will be talking about style in new ways. We want to talk about what it really feels like to not fit into your skinny jeans. We want to talk about when everyone on the street is wearing tartan plaid and you feel self conscious about that, but can’t quite figure out why. And we’re going to tell you why you’re beautiful anyway.

Second of all, we’re going to – off the bat – eschew every single topic you’ve heard regurgitated 1000 times by other style experts. “The Newest Lingerie Your Man Wants to See”; “50 New Finds under $10,000”; “What to Wear When You’re 30, 40, 50”. We promise – none of this. In fact, we’re making a list right now of all of these articles so that you will never see them. 

We have done a little bit of growing in the last year too, and we’ve been paying attention to what works and what doesn’t for birds of a pleather. We’ve been listening to the posts you say you like the best and paying attention to the questions you are asking us.

The shiny and new birds of a pleather will have a new topic every month that we will examine from 100 different viewpoints. The shiny and new birds of a pleather will feature: 

  • Profiles: Who are the super-interesting and stylish normal people out there that aren’t throwing their $5000 faux-street-style photographs in our faces? And what can they teach us?
  • How-to’s: How can we empower you to make style decisions for yourself instead of having a magazine make them for you?
  • Personal Essays: After two smart and socially-conscious women devote 20 hours a week to obsessing about style, what happens?
  • Insider Fashion Industry Run-Downs: How does Forever 21 decide to create that dress or that shirt or that glitter headband, anyway? And why is H&M working with Lanvin, and why does it matter?
  • AND MORE. What does that mean? It means we’re still coming up with ideas because we’re prolific like that. And tell us what you want to see too! Your opinions mean a lot to us, we’re not doing this just to show you how beautiful and stylish we are (like some other fashion bloggers), we’re not just some marketing gimmick. It’s us and you in this thing. We want to help you with the stuffs that you want to know about.
Stay tuned: September’s topic announced tomorrow.

2 responses to “Everything is Shiny and New or We’re All Growns Up Now”

  1. Mary Clark Guillory says :

    Happy Birthday, birds of a pleather! I remember when you were just starting out…and one year later you’re more fabulous than ever. Love the new look!!!

  2. Lacey Kalivoda says :

    Stoked you’ll be posting lots of new things. I always enjoy it!

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