Bad Fashion Advice

We should make a new tag for this. There is lots of fashion advice out there. Warning: most of it is only applicable to supermodels or 12 year old waifs.

While I usually love the bit of color that WhoWhatWear brings to my inbox, I have to take issue with today’s email. The theme is “Styling Tips.” Here is their third tip:

“Tip 3: Try a bare-midriff top with a floor-grazing skirt”

REAAAALLLLY? So you would like me to swath my hips in material while revealing my mid-section to innocent bystanders? I’m fairly confident that this is the worst possible advice for 96% of America’s female population. This is just the sort of hall of fame worst dressed outfit that should be left to a professional. Like Britney Spears, or Cher:


One response to “Bad Fashion Advice”

  1. Lacey Kalivoda Wheatley says :

    Haha how right you are! I always love the fashion commentary from you both! 🙂 I usually end up laughing to myself… out loud.


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