Help Me Pack My Suitcase

I couldn’t help but laugh at myself when I realized that, for my entire life, whenever I’m planning to go on a trip, I fantasize about what I will pack in my suitcase instead of what I will do when I arrive. This news officially confirms my lifetime fashionista status. True to form, I’m going to visit Sister (my sister, whom I call Sister) on July 3, and my suitcase fantasy picked up about a week a go.

Whereas in the past, I packed my suitcase in order to meet each and every potential circumstance, my new obsession – after years of being burned by oversized suitcases and scolded by my minimalist father – is to pack as few items as possible, but maintain maximum impact. When I see suitcases like the one above, I melt, but the beauty of this case screams fortune, which I do not have.

Lessons I have learned:

Personal Style

1. Do not schlep unattractively in the airport. You’re already light years ahead if you strut the tarmack in style. Everyone is looking at you. Everyone is weighing if you have better airport style than they do. And by everyone, I mean me. Style in this instance does not require heels and always, always, always excludes uggs. Just stop wearing them. Stop. it. I don’t care how comfortable they are, other comfortable shoes exist in the universe.

2. When flying or taking the train – if it’s summertime, sport flat sandals (please give up flip flops in all aspects of your life – this is something you can phase out, unlike uggs, or if you are from California, allowances are made), but bring a pair of little itty bitty teeny tiny socks with you to keep your tootsies warm – allowing you to remove your shoes on the plane, train or bus.

What to Pack

3. A metalic shoe (this lesson courtesy Merin)

4. A simple dress that may be worn day or night

5. Your favorite (nice) jean or twill pant – 2 pair

6. A dress shirt

7. Your favorite (nice) t-shirt

8. Outerwear (as needed) and/or one neutral sweater (as needed)

9. A tank top that can convert from sleepwear to daywear

10. Underwear and jammies

11. A chic bag – day or evening appropriate

12. A reusable back that can be folded down easily (carry this while in transit with your purse inside it)

13. Scarves, earrings, watches, necklaces and anything else you can pile on to make all of the above versatile for as many days as your trip lasts

Am I missing anything?

Trust and believe,


Image courtesy Garance Dore


One response to “Help Me Pack My Suitcase”

  1. Linda says :

    I know it’s technically beauty rather than fashion but I feel most women get tripped up by their products on short trips away. I always bring a very red lipstick with me when traveling as it means I can get away without almost all other make up (except my beloved mascara). And my regime of moisturizers and cleansers get demoted to empty pill bottles (lesson courtesy of my grandmother). That revelation got me to the point where I can travel for up to a week with some creative packing and just a shoulder bag.

    And yes, scarves are a must on the go. A wisely chosen scarf can cover up unfortunate hair dos, keep you warm around your neck and/or shoulders and even work as a belt in dire situations.

    Finally. Tissue paper. I say this as someone who has been clocking serious travel miles from a young age. Another tip from my beyond elegant Gran, it is the difference between your minimalist packing being cursed as you tip out your suitcase contents to discover an unwearable crumpled mess and removing your carefully thought out wardrobe directly to hangers so that they can wait, perfectly pressed, for their moment in the sun.

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