things we liked from the Costume Institute gala (and things we didn’t)

The Met’s Costume Institute Gala is like the Oscars for fashion people except way better. No silly ceremony that drags on for four hours, performances by musicians that swear even though Anna Wintour tells them not to, and general fabulousness that involves designers handpicking models and move stars to dress. The event celebrated Alexander McQueen’s legacy, which ensured that everyone wore their sparkly best and that there was plenty of whimsy (and crazy) in the house. What we liked:

Inspired by… champagne.

No one makes beige work like Gwyneth, Mistress of Acting, Cooking, Singing and the Universe.

But NO ONE makes a bronze jumpsuit work better than Iman.

Clothes just look so good on SJP. Not fair, not fair at all.

Trend: long sleeves. Duly noted.

This woman could seduce a rock in this dress. Or anything.

Inspired by… crayola.

‘Buttercup’ has never looked this good.

Words fail me on this dress. Victoria’s Secret models should not be allowed to wear dresses this amazing.

Seafoam. How does she pull this off?

Coral, seafoam, buttercup… its like these designers got their inspiration from bad bridesmaid dress colors. And then made them amazing.

This dress is from Top Shop. No, I’m not kidding.

I want everything this color. Immediately.

Inspired by… Daphne Guinness.

It’s like she’s turned into the White Swan. We love Daphne Guinness. Just because.

Inspired by… Joan Crawford circa 1932

Joan (<sigh>)

Florence Welch… I want to be you.

Shoulders. Yes.

Michael Kors, bigger winner for the night. Emma Roberts, big winner in the gene pool.

Feathers + 30s silhouette. It’s Black Swan AND The King’s Speech.

Inspired by …Eloise!

Get it?! How can you not love this?

And then of course there was the ugly. While there was lots of it (Mary Kate, we’re looking at you), the worst was…

Inspired by Cher.


I sincerely hope this was a camera angle issue.

I’m fairly confident Cher has actually worn this dress.

This looks like Ken doll is marrying the evil Barbie who smokes in the bathroom at school. And wears tragic 80’s wedding dresses.

’til next time dear reader.




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