To My Sisters: If you do nothing else today, watch this.

Oh god, how I’ve become more and more obsessed with aging. Push, lift and suck, cellulite no no’s, anti-aging face creams, the beginnings of daily makeup routines…  And then I laugh at myself, on the verge of 28 and vulnerable to the array of Oil of Olay commercials and everything everything else consumer culture injects into my mind. (Have you ever picked up Bitch magazine, by the way? $20 per year, save on therapy.)

This is why my blog posts have been trending more and more toward creating your own identity and being LOUD. And that’s when I found this video on Nowness:

Advanced Style: Age and Beauty
The Fashion Blog’s Doyennes Give a Lesson in Sartorial Splendor

Trust. Trust. You need this video in your life.




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