Deep Thoughts

You don’t always have to look at fashion magazines to find clothing that is in style for that season or for new ideas. Define your own style; learn what stores carry which types of clothing (especially in your price range), come up with a source of inspiration, and then seek out those styles, patterns, colors, eras…

Now that we have the interwebs to guide us through every single minute detail of our lives, we have access to more art. Which makes this culture girl quite happy.

I like to keep up with the magazine Communication Arts  for inspiration (full disclosure: It’s my job to look at Communication Arts.). Each year, Communication Arts picks the best in illustration, advertising, typography, photography, etc… So, wtf am I talking about?


Look to other sources for inspiration to…

  • Pick up new color palettes (I like to choose one a season to guide my shopping).
  • Notice trends; Watch how commercial art and fashion play off of one another.
  • Pick a single outfit or your season wardrobe.
  • Find your next tattoo. Tattoo art is a permanent statement that is a reflection of your identity, so avoid:
  1. A tattoo when you’re drunk.
  2. Acting on an idea you had five minutes ago.
  3. Finding the tattoo while sitting in the tattoo shop.
  4. A ring of dolphins around your belly button.




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