H&M Takes it to a New Level

H&M has off seasons. Sometimes they just don’t get it, and then, they fall into the old patterns of magenta wrap shirts and sheath dresses. This is not one of those seasons. I went into the store and was blown away by their modern interpretation of 70’s fashion. As in: need, need, NEED, need.

Excuse my quick photography, I was on lunch break, and I want to stress that one of the elements that is not coming through here is choice of fabric and texture. Which is impeccable for the prices they are quoting. Oh, what they can do with polyester and rayon these days – blows a fashionista’s mind.

This is a buttery leather. True.

This would be a typical maxi dress, except the straps resemble the cut of denim overalls. Also, it looks like Basquiat painted on the dress. I die.

Remember this style from Proenza Schouler a couple of seasons ago? Paired with a 30’s palette. Did I mention I die?

This is a burnt orange silk. In the 70’s it might have been with fringe, but now it has closely pleated ruffles instead.

I have not seen sunglasses in this shape except in vintage boutiques for way more than $9.95.


One response to “H&M Takes it to a New Level”

  1. Nicole says :

    Emma, I totally feel you. I bought two items from the collection you’re talking about. A metallic oversized knit sweater I have not managed to take off for the past 8 days and counting, and a cream wide-legged jump suit. I’m going over the check out the Conscious Collection today.

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