things that i wish i could get away with

1. channeling david bowie

if my shopping at the grocery store outfit was a one shoulder, one leg, flame crotch, whimsical shoulder scarves jumpsuit, i would be a much happier person.
2. having a bowl cut

to be so incredibly chic that you can wear a bowl cut – of all things! – and still look completely stylish and, dare i bring the word to the forefront again – fierce?
3. wearing prada naked person collar

i mean, the price alone. we all know from my many tales that this girl is not dropping the cash on just a little collar. but wouldn’t it be cool if i rocked this? wouldn’t it make me cooler than any other person on the planet? come on. fess up.
4. being winona ryder circa 1994

if i had a time machine… and the best face ever.
5. playing up my eyebrows

camilla belle, no fair. why do i always look like the hulk?


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