Anthropologie Sale Rack

I’m an Anthropologie junkie. Sure, I can usually find similar cuts in Forever 21, but Anthropologie really knows how to make something timeless. I can sometimes convince myself to invest. Sometimes.

And that’s why I scour the sale racks. Have you ever noticed when you enter an Anthropologie, the sale racks are always stuffed away in a corner, downstairs, seemingly forgotten, where you’re expected to scavenge like an animal while the more affluent shop amidst beautifully curated wicker chairs, balls of yarn and rescued turn of the century windows? I go for the sale racks anyway because I’m vicious and unashamed like that.

But when I don’t feel like travelling to Georgetown, I search online. When something that used to be $200 is marked down to $29.99, I’m pretty happy.  Never you fret, Anthropologie owns the online shopping extreme markdown experience.

Shop the sale section

My top finds:

The Simplest Shirt – $39.95. So chic.
Lilliputian Pouch Belt – $69.95. So avant garde.
Brewing Storm Pant – $19.95. So comfortable.   (pictured above)


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