Where’s Spring + WMATA + Girlfriends

So… it’s not Spring yet. What’s up with that? I believe we’ve endured enough of this whole frosty and gray thing. Which is why I have decided that I’m going to force warmer temperatures by wearing clothing for warmer temperatures. It’s like doing a snow dance except for heat. Trust me, this is perfectly normal and I’m sure lot’s of people do it.

Sometimes this puts you in odd positions. Like when I wore a favorite blue dress (a little on the short side), with my absolute favorite sleeveless trench and platform clogs yesterday. Everything got a little bunched up while I was on my nifty Capital Bikeshare ride. The rest I take from an email chain with a friend who will heretofore be referred to as CFD: Cuban friend #dos (that’s right, I speak the espanol). I have lots of Cuban friends, who really need more coverage on this blog. Anways, I resisted calling her: I am still bitter you got to study in Paris while I was in North Carolina. Acronym would be on the long side.

ME: seriously. where is Spring? I changed over my clothes last weekend, so I really need it to be here.

CFD:  I have not switched my clothes but I want to change them out. But I have decided to not wear winter coats anymore. I am only wearing jackets and light coats. I hate coats! That may be why I am still so freaking sick.

ME: I’m 100% with you. I wore a sleeveless trench and a short skirt to a happy hour yesterday. A bus driver told me that my “panties was practically showing all over the place.” I interpreted that as: “your outfit might be slightly inappropriate for the weather.”

CFD: So many sassy responses coming to mind… She is just jealous of your style. I will say this though about inappropriate outfits in DC: if you do not get pedicures in winter and/or exercise any feet hygiene DO NOT put on flip-flops the first chance you get. You are making me sick to my stomach and you know who you are.

ME: haha… and it was so totally a man.

CFD: STOP… a MAN! First, OMG he said the word panties. Second, are you sure he was not a butch looking lady? Third, your response should have been: “Practically yes, but for you, literally never.”

This story has several morals: WMATA employees would make intrepid alt-street style bloggers. Girlfriends are the best people ever because they share your outrage instantly and can produce that line that you soo wish you had thought of on the spot. And Spring needs to arrive. ASAP.


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