shoes I’m pretty sure I need: huaraches

Don’t shoe names sound better in foreign languages? I mean…espadrilles? So cute. The ‘wedge’? Ugh. Sounds like a salad.  But I’m getting off track.

Sometime in January, I decided I need huaraches. Actually, I think I dreamed about them and woke up knowing that I needed them. Obviously, since it was snowing outside. But since I am trying to foster a sense of common sense (ha!), I have held off until now. And I’m conflicted, because there aren’t many good ones out there. And I feel like I want vintage, but I can’t find them in my size. What’s a girl to do? The options:

Aldo ($50)


Frye ($96)

Or there are these ones on that I can’t get a pic for, on sale and only $25, but they look like they will shred my feet. The trade off: get the expensive Fry pair and know that they will last for longer and be made of real leather or get the super cheap ones that are likely some sort of synthetic construct that will shred me feet. Why do they do this to us?



2 responses to “shoes I’m pretty sure I need: huaraches”

  1. Brieahn J. says :

    my dad has been obsessed with huaraches since I was a kid, he swears by them. I think my dad is the more fashion forward of my parents to be honest!

  2. Linda says :

    You need to get the Aldo ones. Good brand, won’t shred and the more muted colour gives it the vintage feel you’re after.

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