This One’s For You, Ladies

For all of you who have ever sighed at an airbrushed Vogue spread thinking “No way am I ever going to look like that” and then zoomed through a pint of Haagen Dazs like the Jersey Shore cast consumes body glitter and self tanner, this one’s for you:

That’s Kate Moss. In Louis Vuitton. And cellulite. Now I know that you are going to accuse me of being anti-feminist and say that I shouldn’t point out another woman’s flaws, yadda, yadda… but doesn’t this just make you an eensy bit pleased? Come on, admit it.


2 responses to “This One’s For You, Ladies”

  1. Linda says :

    She looks GOOD! Which I think is the more important point – that the horrors of cellulite are vastly overrated. Indeed it’s one of the defining characteristics of being a woman. No cellulite = man/9 year old girl.

  2. Ashlie Darrel says :

    I second Linda’s emotion. Kate Moss has to be the most resilient super model. She has overcome: crack, Pete, being the shortest lady in fashion, being on of the oldest ladies in the modeling game, crossed eyes and now cellulite. If she shows her stretch marks I might name my first born after her.

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