Project: Runway – The Sequel

WHEW! Our feet hurt. And we didn’t even have to walk down a neon lit runway in three inch heels. So, as you may know, we styled our first runway show as Birds of a Pleather yesterday. And it was A_M_A_Z_I_N_G.

It helped that we had an amazing team: Ny created some unreal hair, Nour’s work with make-up gave us a look that transitioned seemlessly with each garment, we had some incredible dressers (they’re going to be talking about the knit pieces for a while), and, of course, the best group of models around. Not to mention Julie Feeney performing and Brieahn herding all of the cats that were the different components of the event: runway, trunk show, live musical performance…just your typical Monday night.

I know, I know, enough with the talking, you want pictures. Many thanks to Tony Brown and Paul Zambrana for the great images.

Rhea pre-show. I want those eyebrows.

Needless to say, there was a lot of hairspray involved

Some serious hair, seriously gorgeous pieces from Katarzyna Wypych

checking the walking order (did I mention we are in someone’s kitchen? and that their cabinets are white board material? genius.)

Danielle opens the show in Katarzyna

Brittany brings some sass to Orla O’Connor’s fabulous pieces

I knew my Aunt Susie’s vintage belts would come in handy one day…

Krizia WORKED IT in Eilis Boyle’s floating dream of a dress

Andrea in Eilis Boyle’s gown. No further description needed.

Yay! Show’s over and no one fell, no wardrobe malfunctions. Success.

the incomparable Julie Feeney performing.

wait…you want to interview US?



3 responses to “Project: Runway – The Sequel”

  1. Linda says :

    You two did an AMAZING job. Thank you both!

  2. Martin says :

    wow, julie feeney looks amazing, can’t wait for her N.Y show

  3. Cecile says :

    This is so amazing. Congrats to you ladies!

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