like Pisarro painted your legs

I really want floral tights. Not black and white flowers on tights. Floral tights. Like a garden on your legs. Like Pisarro painted a landscape of hollyhocks and honeysuckle on your legs. Is that too much to ask?

Apparently, yes. There are only a small handful of floral tights out there that are anything near wonderful. I’m imagining wearing my fantasy garden tights with a white cotton shirt dress and my beloved platform clogs. Perfection, right? Here are the current offerings in floral tights:

Asos tights – $14.34

Selfridge’s – $13.00

Emilio Cavallini @ John Lewis – $19.00

Basically, the British really like floral tights. Americans… behind the curve. So I’m going to go ahead and tag this as a trend with the hopes that someone out there who makes tights in this country will agree with me and produce some floral tights in time for spring. Or Alexa Chung/Kate Moss/some other British style icon better trot out wearing some floral tights and inspire Madewell/Topshop to pump out some floral tights.



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