24 amazing things about 24 hours in Manhattan (1-11)

#11: The incredible Miryam Nassir Zadeh boutique, where I got these fabulous friendship bracelets AND where the shop girls directed me to the best lunch I’ve had in a long time

#10: Lunch at Fatta Cuckoo! My new favorite place in the Lower East Side, where my lunch cost me less than $20 and was absolutely delicious. Plus, it turned out that…

#9: …Fatta Cuckoo is owned by one of my favorite New York artists Leah Tinari. Who was wonderful and gracious and gave me a really ideal environment for doing some thinking.

#8: Having time to think. I can’t remember that last time I actually had two hours to myself, where I could just think about what on earth I want to do with my life. And two hours will get you pretty far, it turns out.

#7: Opening Ceremony. Just the whole store, really. It’s cliche, I know, and I really shouldn’t love a store so much. But I do.

#6: The Tron Legacy (no, I’m not kidding) dress that I got on sale at Opening Ceremony. Mine is black, but I could only find a pic of the blue dress (still on sale here). It’s wool and neoprene. It’s like day to night to amphibious adventure all in one cocktail dress. What’s not to love?

#5: Seeing this face next to me at the checkout counter (oh yes, that would be a Princes standing next to me!)

#4: Witnessing the Opening Ceremony sales person, bless them, ask for ID from someone who is OBVIOUSLY A HIGHLY-RECOGNIZABLE AND GORGEOUS PRINCESS (if you’ve ever read an US Weekly, which must be required reading at Opening Ceremony, she looks the exact same but prettier in person). Clearly a high point in my life thus far.

#3: Seeing my mom and realizing that she has twice as much energy as me. How is this possible?

#2: Going to Gwen’s book launch! Did I mention that my friend Gwen has published the most amazing Young Adult novel ever? Where I Belong, by the talented Gwendolyn Heasley, can be purchased here.

#1: Coming home to DC. I love New York, and it retains such a specialness when you don’t live there. Living within a couple of hours means I can go up whenever I need to, but come back to my beloved DC after a hectic 24 hours.


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