24 amazing things about 24 hours in Manhattan (12-24)

24: Amtrak. Trains running on time, a quiet car that was actually quiet and a decent hot dog. Could be worse!

23: the Mercedes Benz ‘Fashion Force’ car that I encountered outside of the SoHo Prada store.

22: the incredible vintage shops along Rivington and Broome streets. Especially…

21: Edith Machinist, a fab vintage shop where I found a tangerine colored silk Bill Blass dress for my friend’s wedding.

20: Freeman’s Sporting Club, which almost made me want to wear men’s fashion. And their barber shop. Also on Rivington.

19: The best-appointed J.Crew around, on Prince Street in SoHo. They just have stuff that the DC stores don’t. <<sigh>>

18: The fact that the sales staff at the J.Crew didn’t laugh at me when I insisted on trying on the Crew Cuts kids clothes to see if they fit (they didn’t. but if you don’t have hips and are a size 2 or below, get the silk jumpsuit in a size 14 kids. Trust me on this.)

17: Finding not one but TWO great pairs of pants, including the elusive khakis, on SALE at J.Crew. Mission Accomplished.

16: Furniture porn at Matter. And then realizing that the Matter folks know my friend Craig, who owns DC’s wonderful Industry Gallery.

15: The beautifully-curated, ethereal Dear Rivington+ boutique. It’s like being in your grandmother’s attic in an old country house if your grandmother had a penchant for avant-garde Dutch designers, sexual ambiguity and found Americana objects.

14: Seeing my friends. Always.

13: The cab driver who spent the better part of our ten minute drive shouting about how everyone in New York was “fucking stupid! stupid, stupid!” and then told me to have a good night rather politely when he dropped me off.

12: A line that was less than five minutes long at Top Shop. Lack of massive que-ing in hot British import store? Shocking.


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