the current sizing system is whack

The LSH has two sizes: his shirt size and his pants size. They are the same almost anywhere. He wears a 15.5/35 dress shirt whether its from Brooks Brothers or Nordstrom. Same goes for his pants. Why is this? Because men’s sizes are based on very rational things, namely your measurements. So what do women get? A number or letter, each based on whatever any given company wants to make it.

Take pants, my least favorite item ever. In Gap pants, I wear a size 2. In Theory, a size 8. I can’t fit into Zara pants, because they’re not cut for women with hips, so the proportions are wrong no matter what. Disaster.

It gets better. Let’s just look at Theory, because I have a bunch of their stuff (thank you Filene’s Basement). Here are my respective sizes in Theory:

-Coat: Small
-Jacket: 0/2
-Sweater: Medium
-Dress: 4
-Shirt: 2
-Pant: 8
-Skirt: this is a fun one! I have the same skirt in two colors, one is a 2, the other a 6. They fit almost the exact same.

Ladies, this is whack. Why are we subject to an unreliable sizing system in which a size 4 can mean entirely different fits and sizes for different brands? We buy jeans according to waist size (well, more like somewhere between your waist and hips where jeans now sit) and I am almost always a size 28. Because its based on a real life measurement. It’s hard to label something a 28 if the waist of the garment doesn’t actually measure 28 inches.

One of the items on my spring shopping list is a pair of light-weight, relaxed khaki pants. I can’t tell you how much I am dreading shopping for them. I actually saw a good looking pair on sale on the Barney’s website and rather than buying them, I emailed the ‘shopping specialist’ at the design company, asking how they fit. I probably went into too much detail, but I did say that I have a smallish waist and not at all smallish hips, kind of like most non-model women. So I wanted to see what their cut was before buying a pair of pants online that I couldn’t return. Because straight up and down ain’t gonna fly on this girl.

Her answer: “they fit true to size”

Needless to say, I didn’t respond nor did I buy the pants.


One response to “the current sizing system is whack”

  1. Kate says :

    Love, love, love this piece. So true and I can relate in a million ways.

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