mom remembers the 70s…

We like the folks over at Who What Wear, really we do. Most of the time their daily email is a nice bit of fashion fluff that breaks up the stressful contents of my inbox. Sometimes I think they have too strong of a girl crush on Kate Bosworth and Sienna Miller, but who doesn’t? Today, however, they are trying to command me to do things that just aren’t right…

go buy now: 70’s style jeans

huummmmm. I distinctly remember my mom warning me about people trying to glorify bell-bottoms (“If they’d lived through the 70s, they’d know that they weren’t flattering then”), so naturally I called her for comment. In her words:

First of all, no one even considered doing anything trendy with jeans until the 80s. Jeans were jeans. We all wore Levi’s or Lee’s. And while the newest thing was a bootcut – not a true flare – everyone on the East Coast was still wearing straight leg. Bell-bottoms were for pants, not jeans.”

People really need to check with my mom before making historically inaccurate Fashion statements. Seriously. And I’m not wearing high-waisted, flared jeans and neither should you. We all know what sort of tragic things can ensue.


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