critical review: the j.crew catalogue

First, before I start this post, let me just say that the tv show Human Target has the worst production values of all time. Watch it on mute and you’ll see what I mean. Also – Isaac Mizrahi = the harshest Top Chef judge of all time. Just wait til they get Iman on there.

Okay, on to J.Crew. If you’re like me, you admire the effort that J.Crew puts into their catalogue. It’s vastly more creative than any other mainstream clothing brand and they have taken the idea of a catalogue nicely out of the box. So I always plop down with it on the couch when it comes, and dissect it piece by piece (no, mom, I don’t really have time to do this…but I do).

So my critical review of the recently arrived “Hollywood Issue”? Well… meh <shrug>. It’s kinda flat. Great premise, but when you put **hollywood** out there, you better deliver some star power. And instead there are a lot of not so special items that feel more like they could be hanging on a rack at The Limited circa 1997  (I’m talking about you page 32: khaki trench with stone shorts and striped shirt).

On to the men. The LSH is our guest judge for the evening. While he looked at me doubtfully, he then pulled out phrases like ‘pseudo-military detailing.’ Color me impressed. But his comments are pretty much the same as mine: there doesn’t seem to be anything new in the mix. Just the same J.Crew menswear and overpriced Timex watch. He also mused that he “could raid dad’s closet for some of the denim and flannel shirts.” Jim Guthrie doesn’t know how stylish he is.

The good news: their kids clothing had ten times the energy and spunk as their very static parents. The silk flight suit?! LOVE! and the tulle ballerina skirts, gold clogs, Liberty-esque ruffled dress! Which all begs the question: do we think I can fit in a girls size 14? I’ll keep you posted…

will this be too short on me?


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