Riding Boots are Dead

Ladies, just let them go. We tell you this because we love you. The riding boot has long been dead (unless they were made by Prada). We have seen multiple iterations of popular boots since the riding boot. A new world is open to you, we promise. And for cheap, too.  DSW always has a bazillion boots, and it’s getting to be the time for clearance of the clearance. So, now is your chance. Take the leap. It’s OK. We’re here for you.

And if we see you in the metro again with your riding boots over skinny jeans, we are, in the words of the great Cher Horowitz, going to go postal.


3 responses to “Riding Boots are Dead”

  1. katie says :

    Is this aimed at me?

  2. cheyenna says :

    finally. i nearly flogged a woman on the street the other day in soho for wearing an entire riding outfit just so she could carry around shopping bags. um, no. the look is hot, yes, but it belongs in a barn.

  3. katie says :

    I like barns.

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