joan collins probably doesn’t wear white t-shirts

So she wouldn’t have encountered this problem. But I do. And my old white long sleeve t-shirt was getting pretty grimy. The small holes in the armpits had morphed into large, Balmain-like deconstructed segments. The ladies in yoga stared. It was time.

It’s been several years since I bought a new white long sleeve shirt, but it’s a white shirt so no problem, right? Oh how naive I was. I generally have three criteria for clothes: fabric, fit, flatter. Is it made of nice soft fabric, does it fit well and is it flattering. While I feel like those shouldn’t be terribly hard to satisfy, it seems like almost all new clothes out there are poorly sewn rayon/poly blend pieces designed for 12 year old boys. Or maybe that’s just me.

Enter Bloomingdales. I had something to return (a very interesting Christmas present), which netted me a whole $85 to spend. I’m thinking Oh, I could probably get two with this store credit. Score! HA! Nice try Merin.

First, I couldn’t find any white t-shirts. Sequin mini skirts abound. Not so much the basics. Finally, I find the trendy t-shirt section (in the back, shoved next to the denim). Now, had I been looking for a plunging neckline, cammo print thermal tee, I would have been in business. I can’t tell you how many bizarre t-shirts there were. And they were all priced well above $50 (even the ones on sale). Of six brands only three offered white t-shirts. Splendid had a strangely draped sort of faux cowl neck thing retailing for $98. I don’t love the knit of Three Dot, just too thick and rigid for me, particularly with a $55 price tag. Which left me with a $65 James Perse that had no obvious flaws. It was soft and fit well.

Would I have bought what is, in all fairness, a $35 shirt for $65 had I not had store credit? No. The whole episode leaves me wondering…what has happened to basics? You know, the things that people wear every day. Do you have a good source for $35 white t-shirts? (and don’t say Gap … the fit is terrible) Do people not want well-made, classic clothes at a decent price anymore?


2 responses to “joan collins probably doesn’t wear white t-shirts”

  1. Linda says :

    Just heard Brit singer Lily Allen talking about meeting Joan Collins for the first time on Graham Norton. They’re both at some industry party in LA and Lily goes in to do the requisite air kissing and Joan holds up one perfectly polished red talon and announces sweetly, “Dahling, I don’t kiss people I don’t know.” LOVE her!

  2. birdsofapleather says :

    Joan has standards. Amazing standards. I wonder if we can get her to do a Q&A on BOAP. How amazing would THAT be?!

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