using american apparel for good

have you ever wanted to slit your wrists in the american apparel changing room? it’s not you, i promise. no one is skinny enough for that store. and, as we all know, dov charney is the perviest pervert in all of the land. but, for one moment, i am setting all of that aside to revel in the latest american apparel offering (well, the latest that i’ve stumbled upon). for some time i’ve been reading about style mags, generally produced in the UK, that i figured i would just never ever ever be able to find. until i found the american apparel newsroom. who woulda thunk that anyone who regularly shops american apparel also considers reading? i mean, we all know those oversized glasses don’t actually have prescription lenses in them.

top picks:
the gentlewoman
candy magazine (featuring james franco in drag [!])


3 responses to “using american apparel for good”

  1. Brieahn says :

    ok I have been trying to get my hands on gentlewoman for over a year now…I will not be visiting my local American Apparel JUST so that I can pick up the new issue. Thanks so much!

  2. Linds says :

    Ditto to American Apparel making the tiniest clothes in the world. Tried on a long, black skirt and wanted to run out of the dressing room screaming. Seriously. It was made for a toothpick.

  3. birdsofapleather says :

    Seriously. NO ONE can fit in those clothes. At least no one that enjoys food. And let’s get real, the Birds of a Pleather Girls love cured meats.

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