red carpet @ the people’s choice awards

Also known as: when did I get so old? I love a good red carpet, particularly one where stars (okay, their stylists) make daring choices and look spectacular. It’s fun and mindless viewing. But if the red carpet from the People’s Choice Awards is any sign, 2011 could be a dark, dark year for Hollywood and fashion.

1 – who are these people? Why does every starlet seem to have some saccharin name (like Bridget Christine or Cassandra Michel or something else I could make up sitting here)? And why do I not recognize them? Apart from the obvious (Kardashian sisters), I have no idea who most of these people are. Does this mean I’m old? I suspect… yes.

2 – have they stopped using stylists? I hope so, because the dresses were so bad and unremarkable that it looked like Macy’s dressed everyone in-house. Bland, ill-fitted, poorly-draped and uninspired garb abounded.

Best dressed: Kathy Griffin. Seriously, people, I love me some Kathy Griffin, but she should never be best dressed. Taylor Swift looked sweet, but minus points for wearing a dress on the cover of this month’s vogue. Too obvious.

Worst dressed: whoever this person is. I have no idea who she is or why she is at the People’s Choice Awards. Or who did that to her hair. But how did this outfit seem like a good idea?

Memo to Hollywood: we like you because you are glamorous. Especially during a recession, we should be seeing something exciting – like red vintage Lacroix with beading – or super elegant – like Valentino Couture. We don’t want you to look like we could, because that’s not interesting. We want you to look shiny and pretty and transport us out of our dreary day to day. Fail, Hollywood, major fail.


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