draq queens: they are always right and we love them

Somehow, Emma and I have not fully delved into our love of drag queens. I guess we do have ‘What Would Joan Collins DO?‘ as a posting topic and that’s definitely a hint. We also try to make drag queen bingo at Nellie’s when our schedules allow, mostly because, for me at least, the two loud mouth divas that lead bingo immediately break the stress spell in which I live.

Basically, we love drag queens. They are men that dress like Anna Nicole Smith during the Trimspa days. I don’t have that specific urge, but I respect and identify with anyone who knows that with some fabulous clothes and strategic make-up, you can be anything and anyone you want to be. I couldn’t think of anyone better to ask for New Year’s Eve advice, which is why Eric Wilson of The New York Times solicited his most favorite queens for advice on what to wear when the ball drops. Obviously Eric is brilliant. But not as brilliant as Sherry Vine, who offered the following nugget of wisdom:

Stilettos are supposed to hurt. That’s why there’s booze. Don’t wear something you can’t dry-clean. Remember, everyone is drunk and will spill something on you. And don’t drink and drive, especially in stilettos.

Did you follow Sherry’s advice? We hope so. I had to soak my feet for an hour last night to make them not blister (even with several bottles of champagne). Happy 2011!


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