Field Trip: Union Mission

One thing is for certain when I cross the state line into the good ol’ WV: a trip to my favorite thrift store in Charleston, Union Mission. You have to know how to walk the walk in Union Mission or there are sure to be some sideways glances when your friend is buttoning you up in a silk 1930’s wedding gown (Was I getting married? No, but all dresses are less than $5).

On this trip, I was searching for vintage patterns for Merin and a saddle bag with a long strap for myself. I found both. The photo story:

There were 6 or so boxes of patterns just like this one, I searched through and picked my top three, including a darling jumper dress with a hood:

After, I headed upstairs to the purses:

Six racks of purses, in no particular order. But it all paid off when I found the made in New York City vintage Bonni Cashin designed Coach bag. Based on my internet research, I’m dating it to late 1960’s to early 1970’s. However, Coach has the vintage bag identification business on *lock down.* They expect me to mail the bag to them in order to identify it, and I read on the ‘net that Coach sometimes intentionally destroys the bag in this process. Eh, no thank you.

This is the second vintage Coach saddle bag I’ve found while thrifting (the first was lost in a move in college). I paid $1.99 for this bag. I highly recommend scouting thrift if you’re in the market.


One response to “Field Trip: Union Mission”

  1. Merin says :

    vintage. patterns. i. die.

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