found @ j.crew: cheap wedding dress alternatives

Is it just us, or is everyone in the universe (/who we went to college with) getting married? Our friend Mary Clark is getting married in just a couple of days and we fully expect some wedding outfit pics from her. Good luck MCG!

Mary Clark is one crafty lady, so she hasn’t fallen victim to the wedding dress stress. But it does seem like everyone is losing sleep over THE DRESS. It’s unrealistic, when you think about it. All of your hopes, dreams and future happiness is not, in fact, bound up in one bundle of ivory taffeta. But we (and various reality tv shows) convince ourselves that this is true, and then your dress ends up in post-wedding arbitration because your divorced parents refuse to pay for the dry cleaning bill. And where does that leave you? We’re not sure, and Merin will probably need years of therapy to find the answer, but it does make us think that wedding dresses tend to be a giant waste of money.

There are plenty of great wedding dress alternatives…like white dresses that weren’t designed as wedding dresses. Throw on a veil and a bouquet, and anything becomes a wedding dress. J.Crew always has a solid dress collection and a great end of season sale, so we scouted some alternatives. And there are certainly alternatives to be had.

fun & flirty – $149.99

simple & elegant – $69.99 to 89.99

classic & graceful – $129.99

hip & modern – $99.99

This gets us thinking… we might have to do a whole series of affordable wedding dresses. hmm…thoughts?


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