we love… hats!

We really do love hats, and even Merin’s ostrich neck syndrome hasn’t held us back from our prognosis: we are bullish on hats this Spring. It could be because we work with the amazingly well-hatted Nicole Aguirre. Hats can be really expensive and terrible, like when you try to find a good one at Macy’s Metro Center. Don’t do it. There are three good places to find hats:

  • Vintage: eBay + Thrift – let’s face it, people used to do hats way better than they do now. So check out some of the amazing vintage finds on eBay or at your local thrift shop. Remember the fur hat that Merin got at Value Village for two dollars…?
  • Goorin Bros: Goorin is a family-owned hat company that makes great hats at a pretty decent price. Their hats are old school, likely because they still use the same methods and models that they have for a hundred years. And they have a clearance sale going on, here. They have some trendy, overwrought stuff, but their Lady Gertrude felt cloche more than makes up for it.
  • Britain: as in the country. When we Americans left hats behind in the 80s and 90s, the Brits clung to their hats like never before. Which is why they make much better hats than us. Asos, our favorite British clothing site has some fabulous hat options, all well-priced. Some favorites:

Catarzi felt bow hat – $43.10

Catarzi riding hat – $39.65

Asos straw trilby – $27.58

Catarzi felt floppy hat – $51.72

Why no turbans? Because we love them so much that we will need to spend much, MUCH more time with our friend the turban.


One response to “we love… hats!”

  1. Brieahn says :

    I love hats too…which is why I plan on returning from not-so-sunny California with a new collection! Thanks for yet another fabulous post

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