WWJCD: Lady Nails

Holidays are hard on nails. How do I know? Well because I got a manicure on Sunday and it’s already chipped in places. Between traveling, cooking, wrapping presents and opening cardboard Amazon.com boxes, a girl can bust her nails. But you are also wearing all sorts of pretty dresses to holiday parties and you can’t just flounce around with Courtney Love nails. You need Joan Collins nails. Joan always, ALWAYS, has shiny, polished, perfect nails (and lots of diamonds). Why? Because she’s Joan Collins. Don’t ask stupid questions.

So what would Joan do? Well, she’d probably have the manicurist at Claridges visit her daily. But we tend to get manicures only whenever we feel so un-ladylike that we are finally willing to go to the sketchy nail place on the second floor above a restaurant and pay $25 to get our nails done. But we have discovered the holy grail of DIY nails. And her name is Sally.

Sally Hansen’s ‘complete salon manicure’ is amazingness in a bottle. No need to bottom or top coats. Just throw on two coats of this and go. My favorite is to layer a coat of ‘thinking of blue’ followed by ‘plum luck.’ All south of ten dollars. Check it out here. Joan approves. But she would choose red. Obvi.


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