why birds of a pleather exists

It’s true that Merin and I spend many waking (and some sleeping) hours thinking about fashion. It’s also true that we have both chosen career paths that will not afford us the luxury we deserve for all of our deep thoughts. After years of lamenting not even being able to buy the “affordable” items pushed in places like Vogue (“Holiday sweaters for less than $800!”), we wanted to create a forum to talk about how to find clothes that look high fashion, but are within our price range (amongst other topics celebrating fashion and Joan Collins – sometimes we have short attention spans).

So, much to my delight, I felt completely vindicated after reading an article in the NY Times – Ski Bunnies on City Slopes – describing the grizzly chic and fair isle craze that Merin and I have been raving about.

Here is the difference between Birds of a Pleather and everyone else:

EARLIER this month, when the temperatures in New York at last dropped to a seasonally appropriate level, Hilary Gallagher, a clerk at Intermix in SoHo, was watching as shoppers filtered into the store and, with their winter jackets discarded on the dressing room floor, tried on what Ms. Gallagher described as “the urban ski get-up”: Fair Isle sweaters (long and belted from D & G on sale for $859; loosely draped from Juliette Jake at $285) layered with fur vests (honey-colored raccoon by Theory, $1,200; cropped fox by Yves Salomon, $495; hooded mink by Cassin, $4,595).

Or $20 at Forever 21 (they still have a lot of great stuff in this style right now, btw). Holla!


One response to “why birds of a pleather exists”

  1. cheyenna says :

    the one thing about this grizzly chic thing that scares me, and i hate to even say this, is that it panders to sarah palin. i know, i know, you’ll probably dissect the look and tell me it’s coming from somewhere else, but something about the wintry cabin look smacks of mama grizzly territory.

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