robin givhan leaves the post…a win for DC?

So much commentary out of us, I know! We’ll post something pretty later today, promise. But first, an actual news story.

Robin Givhan, who won a Pulitzer Prize for fashion commentary (did we know they gave Pulitzers for that??), will be leaving The Washington Post after 15 years to join Tina Brown’s Newsweek and The Daily Beast. The whole fashion/media world is abuzz over this news and most people seem to think its a big loss for the Post.

I am not most people. And probably those people don’t live here. Robin Givhan leaving DC  behind could be the best thing that ever happened to fashion in the District. See, Givhan did not report on DC fashion. There are lots of local designers, stylists, trendsetters, et al. But you would never know that from her column. No, Givhan stuck to a very conservative mix of critiquing politicians’ wardrobes, possibly the lowest hanging fruit on the tree of fashion victim-hood, and reviews of shows that Cathy Horyn and Suzy Menkes had already reviewed four days prior.

Did any of this surprise us? No. The Washington Post is the least local of the major newspapers, pretty much neglecting what’s going on in and around the city in favor of reporting on politics and the Federal side of the city. Maybe the big wigs on 15th Street will surprise us by picking a replacement who will give fashion in the chocolate city the exposure that it needs to blossom and grow. Probably not, but you can never give up hope. As long as we never have to read about Hilary Clinton’s cleavage ever again, I suppose we’ll be satisfied.


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