interview: Jenny from Kolton.J

You might know that we are mildly obsessed with now DC-based jewelry designer Jenny Schretter and her Kolton.J line. Since BOAP allows us to pretend to be journalists (we are actively seeking press passes for fashion week next spring), Jenny was kind enough to submit to an interview.


Merin: What was the one moment that made you go for it, dive into being a full-time jewelry designer?

Jenny: I started making jewelry in January when I was up at Harvard thinking I wanted to study clinical psychology. I went shopping in Cape Cod and found some pieces that I used to make some bracelets and a necklace. Then I was on the subway and literally three different people asked me where I got my jewelry in a ten-minute span. I said that I made it and they asked what my website was. I was like “ummmm…”

M: What is your biggest challenge?

J: Finding the time to do everything!

M: What is your absolute favorite piece from your current collection?

J: The Thelma necklace . It’s diamond shaped and I made one for Charm with tree agate. Its really labor intensive but I love the design. It has a very unique construction and design.

M: What’s the one piece of jewelry you wear everyday?

J: I made a really simple one strand bracelet that has two of my grandmother’s earrings – she has passed away – on the end. I wear it every day, as a memento.

M: What’s the most recent fashion-y thing you bought?

J: A pair of suede oxford-style booties. I wear them with knee high socks and tights.

M: Favorite store?

J: Inermix. And I really like random boutiques off the beaten path. I love Mint Julip and Crush in Boston. DC I don’t know that well yet since I just moved back.

M: What is th one piece of style advice you couldn’t live without?

J: Pay attention to trends, because they are interesting, but always buy things that epitomize who you are. Fashion should always be representative of who you are.

Be sure to catch Jenny at the Kolton.J holiday trunk show on Tuesday, December 14 at DC’s One Lounge. 6-8pm, rsvp to


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