Thrifting Wishlist: Merin

While you could wait ’til spring and watch Alexa Chung go thrifting around American on PBS (side note: can we trust a Brit to really know her shit in the USofA? If she doesn’t hit up the Rose Bowl flea market in Pasadena we will know the truth), probably you should just live vicariously through me and Emma. ‘Cause we are going to Value Village this weekend!!! Or even better… go find the nearest massively large thrift shop in a funky neighborhood. Those are always the best. And read Em’s guide beforehand.

Here’s what I’ll be sifting for on Sunday:

  • camel swing coat
  • oversized grandpa sweaters (with cool buttons)
  • boy’s penny loafers
  • floral dresses for spring
  • circle skirts

3 responses to “Thrifting Wishlist: Merin”

  1. Linda says :

    Merin, don’t focus on the buttons. My Gran’s trick for keeping her wardrobe going was to change out the buttons/trim on her clothes every couple of years to match trends and voila! Brand new outfit.

  2. Nicole says :

    I want to come!

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