$1200 at j. crew: don’t do it.

This is about to get live, but I am not going to let J. Crew’s thinly veiled marketing scheme dupe me into paying $1500 for a trench coat (as if I have $1500 to spend on a trench), and I do not want you to be had either.

At Birds of a Pleather, we pride ourselves on being able to find great style at affordable prices (Yes, let’s get real: I took it to the marketing pitch.). J. Crew, while at times definitely skirting the upper price point in our budgets, remained a goto for a widely available and unique, well-constructed take on classics and trends.

So, when a coworker asked about a good place to find a puffer jacket – jcrew.com is the first place I visited. And then my jaw hit the floor. Islington plaid poncho, $1200.  Cropped lamb jacket, $2500.  And more of the same, all from the J. Crew Collection. Other notable attempts at increasing the price by tacking on a reputable name: Mackintosh, Belstaff, Baracuta

The descriptions for all of these items include key phrases to make you think that they are worth a price tag in excess of $1000, “limited edition,” “exclusive to J. Crew,” and my favorite thus far, “from a prestigious Italian mill renowned for its impeccable craftsmanship and expertise.” Oh, really? So prestigious you can’t even name it?

Jenny Lyons, is this your desperate attempt at resurrecting the luxury aspect of the brand? No, thank you. Forever 21 has some great takes on the classic cable knit sweater for winter, all priced at less than $30.

If you’re stuck on the allure of labels, but have a sneaking suspicion that you’re being tricked into desiring something because of a very crafty marketing person, we suggest you read Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster. It’s fashion therapy, trust and believe. Free yourself from the $1 million+ ad campaigns from “affordable” luxury brands like Coach, relinquish the desire for Gucci.   But, alas, Hermes* remains in tact.

*Birds of a Pleather will gladly except a Birkin for the mention of Hermes in this blog post. We will even agree to share. Crocodile, please.


One response to “$1200 at j. crew: don’t do it.”

  1. Merin says :

    Actually, we will take two Birkins, thanksverymuch. One is grey stingray skin for me and another in neon yellow croc for Em. And for that we will defend you from LVMH forever on BOAP.

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