Reader Spotlight: Kate Elopes

This past November, Kate hopped on a plane from DC to San Fran and a few days later, she flew back with a new last name. If you’re wondering if Kate is on the run from the law, well, we couldn’t really tell you. She may be. But what we can tell you is: Kate eloped. Goodbye Kate Michel, hello Kate Judson. And when we saw the photos of Kate in her elopement outfit, we thought, “YES!” Kate most definitely achieved the absolute perfect mix of chic modern glamor and traditional bridal wear with a flirty twist. We were dying to know, how did she do it? So, being the diligent newbie journalists that we are, we thought, “Aha! Interview!”

Birds of a Pleather: What was the process for selecting your outfit? Did you start shopping with an idea already in mind? And did you shop online or in stores?

Kate: Yes, I definitely had an idea in mind – a short and fun dress that screamed “elopement” and “city hall.” I started by shopping at Macy’s, but was disappointed by their selection. All the cream and white dresses in the store were either too frumpy or had too much going on. I then decided to take a look at Nordstrom’s website because a friend told me about their online wedding store. And then there it was – my dress! A BCBG short, strapless, cream dress with floral detail up top and a black ribbon around the waist. I was worried it might be too short, but decided to order it anyways. I tried it on and it fit like a glove. I knew this was it!

Kate and Paul (P.S. They're in love.)

BOAP: You’re not in the traditional frilly frilly white ball gown. What are your thoughts on breaking out of the traditional styles? And how did you select the colors in your outfit?

Kate: I wanted to wear something that was appropriate for a 2 minute marriage ceremony at city hall so I opted for getting something that was short and fun. Although I did see some brides in frilly white ball gowns at San Fran’s City Hall, I opted to go with a more casual, fun and elopement-esque dress.

In terms of colors, I wanted to keep it simple and romantic – bold reds with creams and blacks. I also wanted to tie in some wedding traditions so I found a pair of blue earrings from the Proper Topper and borrowed my friend’s black shawl. Not that I’m superstitious or anything…

Shoes by Nina, Purchased at DSW

BOAP: The shoes you selected are out of control [In the words of the Zoe: we die.], they are amazing and we love how they are so daring. It’s an ultra contemporary look. What made you decide to go with these shoes?

Kate: Thanks! I’ve grown to love the crazy peacock feathers on the sides of the shoes, but at first I was worried that they might be too bold for me. I’m pretty traditional when it comes to shoes so this was a big leap for me. I’m so happy I went with them though because I’ve gotten so many compliments and I think they really make for an exciting outfit.

BOAP: Will you wear the dress again?

Kate: I hope so! Part of the reason I bought it is because it’s something that doesn’t have to be worn solely as a wedding dress. I’m thinking it would also be fun to wear on our 1 year anniversary to a fancy dinner or to a holiday party.

Many congratulations to Kate and Paul from the Birds! Mazel tov!


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