diy: statement necklace

How many times do you look at a $500 necklace in Vogue/Harpers/InStyle and think: I could do that? Yeah, us too. And you can. Em and I are no professional beaders, let me assure you. I think self-taught amateurs would best describe us, but if we can bead it, I know that you can too. So when looking for something jazzy to wear with holiday garb, we went diy.

Tools & Supplies

  • Craft Wire (can be found at any bead shop)
  • Lots of beads. We went for the cheap ones and spent no more than $35. We snagged some Czech bugle beads, gold metallic matte seed beads, crystal silver line seed beads and a few rando other beads we liked. Go for variety.
  • Two pieces black satin or velvet ribbon, each 12 inches long
  • Black thread
  • Needle

Time: about three hours


  1. Cut 18 sections of craft wire all at an identical length. We cut our 16 inches long, but anything between 14-20 inches will do.
  2. Tie one end of the wire in a loose knot, using about an inch (or a little more) or the wire.
  3. Bead it. You can toss those beads on in any pattern you want. We opted to do mostly solid strands, with a few mixed ones thrown in.
  4. Tie off the end with another loose knot, leaving about an inch of wire.
  5. Repeat x18.
  6. Make a loop, about 1 inch in diameter, out of some beading wire. Doesn’t have to be super thick because you will be adding wire to it.
  7. Unknot one end of the first six strands and attach them to the loop by twisting their excess wire around the loop tightly several times, making sure they all start in about the same place.
  8. Okay, here is the first tricky part. You want to braid those six strands of beads together. You will laugh, but the best way to do this is by sitting on the floor and putting the loop over your big toe. Then you can go ahead and braid the strands together by clumping two strands together so that you have three braid sections.
  9. Now repeat that process with the remaining strands, creating two more braids attached to the loop. You should end up with three thin-ish braids attached to the loop.
  10. Braid those three braids together. This should be trickier, but it will leave you with a nice’n’chunky braid.
  11. Create another wire loop and attach the loose ends at the end of the braid to it.
  12. Take some extra wire and coil it tightly around each loop, making sure that everything is securely attached.
  13. Insert a loose end of ribbon in the loop, double it up against the ribbon and sew it shut. Do this on both sides.
  14. Finis!

nb – there is no wrong way to do this. After all, you can make it your own. And everyone knows I hate following recipes anyways – people who break the rules have more fun. and if you are CONVINCED that you can’t do this yourself, you can buy it from me on Etsy🙂


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