holiday shopping: the prepster

I am breaking my own rules here because (1) this is over $50 and (2) I haven’t bought it for anyone…yet. But I am completely in love with this bow tie. It’s Forage’s Le Corbusier (*even the name inspires love) and I am wondering if we can bring back the Annie Hall cross-dressing/menswear trend so I can wear it. Thought it might accentuate that unfortunate ostrich-neck syndrome I can acquire. Hmm… $65 at Forage.


2 responses to “holiday shopping: the prepster”

  1. Amanda B says :

    While the bow-tie is completely adorbs – one quandary would be instead of looking Annie Hall, one might look more Playboy Bunny. Depends on what you wear it with I suppose. Though personally I am a huge fan of the menswear look and would happy to read on other variations of the style on your delightful site.

  2. Cecilia Orphan says :

    A few months ago I bought two little boys ties from Georgia Ave Thrift and have been trying to figure out how to wear them. One is a bias white and blue pin stripe, the other is navy. I was thinking of wearing them with a vest. What is your advice? They hang to about my bra line and Velcro in the back and, of course, are super adorable.

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