Forever 21: Is it worth it?

A new series wherein we shop the DC Metro Center Forever 21 for you and then report the low down on their current inventory. A very important caveat: Forever 21’s stock turns over very quickly. So, if you see something here that you want: RUN!

So, is it worth it?

Current rating (on a scale from 1 – 5, 1 being so not worth it and 5 being totally worth it):

5. Totally worth it.

I’m not just messing with you here because this is the first installment in the Is it worth it? series. It is definitely, most definitely worth it for two reasons: the store currently has everything in stock to achieve that I’m-hiking-in-a-Fair-Isle- sweater-and-stiletto-boots-and-I’m-from-that-one-actually-fashionable-Northern-Exposure-episode look  for fall (hereafter known as “grizzly chic”) and because they have an entire section devoted to cute-holiday-party-appropriate attire.

Not familiar with grizzly chic? See it on the street here, here, here and here. And on the runway, you’ll find it at Rag and Bone and 3.1 Philip Lim‘s Fall 2010 Ready to Wear lines as well as, the house to usher in this craze, Chloe (link: F09RTW).  Want anything in any of those pictures? Yah, it’s there right now.

Some highlights:

And now for the holiday wear. There is glitter everywhere, but in a good way. Photos of the entire section and our top pick: loose, pleated sequin hot pants.

Don’t say we didn’t tell you so. Thank us in the comments.


2 responses to “Forever 21: Is it worth it?”

  1. Courtney Bell says :

    Girl, you know that this is SO me! Thanks for posting…I was actually just wondering about that store the other day. I’ve always loved them for fun, cheap and unique accessories, but now I will have to make the trip for other things, too! Thanks for keeping us posted. LOVE your blog! 🙂

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