collaboration: Karl Lagerfeld + Macy’s

Now that the Lanvin + H&M feeding frenzy has subsided (the Scottsdale, Arizona H&M sold out in six hours… the store manager very seriously advised that I could drive to Vegas to get a fix when that store opened later this week), we can set our sights on next year’s roster of designer-discount collaborations.

When you think Karl Lagerfeld the word ‘Macy’s’ doesn’t immediately come to mind. Black fingerless gloves or ‘I refuse to dress fat people’  is more like it. NY Mag’s The Cut is reporting that next September Macy’s will release a capsule collection by the man in black himself. Rumored other designers working with Macy’s include Versace, Calvin Klein and Vivienne Westood.

This news piece begs a couple of questions…

  1. Does Macy’s really think that our attention span lasts 11 months?
  2. Are there designers who just aren’t good candidates for capsule collections?
  3. Doesn’t Calvin Klein already have a lower price line?
  4. When does the designer capsule collection stop being special?



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