we love… Blake Lively

Because she is an amazing actress? Er… not quite. Because she has goddess like looks, mostly immaculate taste and three Vogue covers? Kind of, but not quite.

How about because she bought 40 pairs of shoes at the Christian Louboutin sample sale after spending four hours trying them on. There are several amazing things about this story, which I feel the need to highlight:

  1. Blake Lively could probably borrow Louboutins anytime she wanted and then simply ‘forget’ to return them.
  2. BL could pay full price.
  3. BL could have sent an assistant to buy them while undergoing some sort of necessary full-body chemical peel regimen.
  4. BL could have just dropped by, picked out the ones she fancied, taken them home and tried them on in the privacy of her undoubtedly plush apartment.

This is a woman who loves shoes. Who goes the extra mile for shoes that she could afford at full price all for the thrill of the steal. And even better – she said that most of them were gifts for friends. We heart you Blake (and really want to be your friend).


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