DIY in practice… The Tulle Bustle

during the thanksgiving season, it’s important to give thanks not only to your friends and family, but also to the fashion gods who occasionally smile on you by providing a personal cinderella experience.

every girl has that revelatory moment (freak out) when they stumble upon the one thing they absolutely need in their closet or the world will. stop. turning. for the BOAP girls, that item sometimes involves custom tailoring/crafting. and we encourage you to do the same. think big, and when you can’t buy that one thing you really really need, make it. merin realized the beauty of this several months ago, and immediately began sewing classes, made her own dressmaker’s dummy and began turning out amazing items. and, when i absolutely needed a layered tulle bustle to fit over my black pencil skirt for a masquerade i was attending in 5 hours, i turned to merin and her ingenuity.

and merin pulled it off, of course, within three hours. that’s what friends are for.

and a big thank you to jenny mcconnell frederick for the fabulous mask (who else would have a mask in the 11th hour? become a fan of rorschach on facebook. now.), to cecilia for these wonderful little english fingerless gloves, and to sniko for providing the opportunity to wear all of the above at a fabulous masquerade ball.

lessons learned: 1) when you can’t buy it, make it. and don’t be afraid to think big. the house of alexander mcqueen is loved for a reason. 2) pay it forward and, when you need it most, your friends will make your fashion fantasies come true.

merin teaches you how to make the bustle


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