reader spotlight: Brieahn Needs Earmuffs

Brieahn is not only one of our most faithful readers, she has amazing, fearless taste. This winter, she’s in the market for some fur (faux or real) earmuffs to jazz up the dreary December that DC surely has in store for us. But the only fun ones she could find were $95 Burberry and her budget was more in the $20-50 range.

We can sympathize… our initial search turned up very little (apparently ear muffs are a chink in armor). Until we remembered our friend Amazon. I rarely think to shop for clothes on Amazon, but man do they have them some earmuffs. A couple of others thrown in there, but it was hard to beat Amazon’s prices. B – tell us what you think!

Amazon – $14.95


Amazon – $14.95


Asos – $17.24


Juicy Couture – $55


Kate Spade – $65


One response to “reader spotlight: Brieahn Needs Earmuffs”

  1. Brieahn J. says :

    Amazon! brilliant. I’m loving the Amazon choices, especially those houndstooth pair. And those Kate Spade’s may just be making an appearance come snowfall 🙂 Thanks Ladies.

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