what is shoppybag.com?

And why did I get an email saying that ‘Randall M.’ had tagged a photo of me there? Maybe lots of people have friends named Randall, but I don’t. So I almost deleted it and then thought NO! I must do investigative journalism into this on behalf of our faithful readers. Now, manage your expectations a bit; my brand of investigative research can be encapsulated in one word: Google.

But before I googled, I clicked on the link in the email. Gee, I had to sign up in order to see ‘my picture.’ And the first step after choosing a login and password is to allow the site to access your email contacts. Nope, not going to happen. So I just closed the window and opened shoppybag.com in another. Bypass worked. And I was able to find the picture that my new friend Randall M tagged me in… which was a picture of a big bird t-shirt (I’m not kidding). Whaaa?

It purports to be a social networking site for shopping, but it looks pretty sketchy. And it is clearly six algorithms short of being competent. A search for ‘cobalt blue heels’ turned up three ugly pairs of shoes and – wait for it – a featured (!!) item. The featured item was Sketchers shape-ups (which are, as everyone knows, my least favorite shoes in the universe ever). Delete account.

In the email I received, Shoppybag.com claimed to be “an awesome new way to shop with your friends. You can recommend products for each other, share style secrets & stay on top of the hottest fashion trends.” Yeah, like Sketchers shape-ups. And my friends at the google confirm that this is a sleazy company that spams your friends and will sell your info to third party users for commercial purposes. Sweet!

Bottom line: delete. Don’t sign up, don’t read the email, just don’t. Just delete.


2 responses to “what is shoppybag.com?”

  1. Abbie says :

    It is an awful site, It is a total scam. I thought my friend invited me trying to help me promote my crafts. I finally was able to revoke access through google, change my password for my google account and delete the shoppybag account after days of trying. So annoying.

    Very good advice up there!!! DONT GO NEAR THIS SITE!

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