Introducing… WWJCD

Once upon a time we were having coffee with the ever fabulous Linda Murray when we stumbled upon the topic of Joan Collins. And how she was an unappreciated style icon who is ageless and marries progressively younger (and maybe gayer) men. Which led us to introduce: WWJCD – What Would Joan Collins Do? When pondering the most difficult of fashion questions, we will ask ourselves what would Joan do?


Sketchers Shape-ups (wince) and Kim Kardashian collaboration: could we, would we ever wear these? Dear Joan, please guide us wisely…

Joan says no. Of course not. Don’t be silly and foolish. One must never wear hideous shoes no matter how appealing the celebrity endorser. If one would like to tone their legs, they should simply wear three inch heels with an animal print. Animal print signals youth, vitality and fitness, as everyone knows. Joan recommends these Issa pumps (and everyone knows that Issa is the favorite brand of the future Princess Kate of England and royalty/British accents are always in style).

Issa pumps – $160.00


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